Describe a significant success you had in a previous work assignment and how it positively impacted your organization.

This position is located in the Executive Office in the Mental Health Care Line at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. If you are selected for this position you will work under the supervision of the Deputy Mental Health Care Line Executive. You will plan and coordinate the administrative and secretarial work of the office, and will schedule and arrange meetings, ensure that correspondence and reports are completed within deadlines, and provide staff with guidance and help on administrative, management information, and financial procedures. Other responsibilities include maintaining the Primary Care Management Module (PCMM), analyzing annual training needs and training requirements of employees to ensure that required training is accomplished, and performing other administrative tasks and projects associated with the Executive Office. You will also provide advice and guidance on the interpretation of administrative directives and instructions, identify and resolve problems arising from internal administrative management activities, coordinate personnel actions, conduct studies pertaining to administrative functions, and conduct studies and special projects and prepare a variety of reports.




Interview Questions


Please answer the competency below in the following format




 Sample SAR Story: Situation, Action, Result






Competency 1—Tell us your experience in leading a multidisciplinary group of people. What was your goal with the team and how did you get others involved in meeting the goal? What was the outcome of the effort?




Competency 2- Give me an example of when you had to work with a customer/co-worker that was difficult to work with. Why was this person difficult? How did you deal with that person?




Competency 3-Tell us about a time our supervisor was absent and you had to make an important decision. Specifically, what was the situation you faced and what was the outcome of your decision?




Competency 4—Describe a significant success you had in a previous work assignment and how it positively impacted your organization.




Competency 5– What is an example of a situation where you mad e significant improvement in a work area for which you were responsible.




Competency 6–Provide us with a recent change in your organization which directly impacted areas you worked in or were responsible for. How did you personally manage the change? How did you work with others and what was the outcome?




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