Conduct brief research on “culture bound disorders” and provide a link to your source . Briefly describe/list some of the features of the disorder.

Week #7 Discussion-Conference–Psychological Disorders and Treatment
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Critical Thinking:—Defining and Treating Psychological Disorders
There are 2 parts—Part I and Part II.
Part I: Abnormality
1. In your own words, define “abnormal” and provide ONE example from your personal observations and/or professional experiences that illustrates “normal” and “abnormal” behavior. The abnormal behavior you discussed meet criteria for a diagnosis? Why or why not?
2. Given the APA’s definition of a psychological disorder, why is it possible for a behavior to be classified as a psychological disorder in one country and not in another?
a. Review Table 12.3 Categories of Psychological Disorders Based on the DSMp. 14-16.(OR JUST FIND AN ONLINE CHART)
b. Conduct brief research on “culture bound disorders” and provide a link to your source . Briefly describe/list some of the features of the disorder.
c. Is the disorder you chose similar or different from a disorder included in the assigned chapter reading? Please explain. (For instance is your disorder a type of mood, anxiety, dissociative disorder etc.)
Part II: Choose ONE:
A. Schizophrenia
2. Watch the following videos:
Beautiful Minds


3. What is your reaction to the videos? (What did you find most interesting? What did you learn or confirm?
4. Provide examples of “positive and negative” symptoms from each of the videos.
5. Schizophrenic patients tend to be among the most marginalized of psychological patients. Explain why you think this might be true. Reference the readings in your response.

6. Watch the following videos about Body Dysmorphic Disorder:

If You Could See What I See
Watch the first 10 minutes…

1. What is your reaction to the information presented in the videos? Discuss 3 symptoms of either disorders. List and discuss a few similarities and differences between the cases in the video and Robert’s in the opening vignette.

2. Briefly discuss “comorbid” disorders that were described in the 2nd video.
3. Do you think that group therapy would be an effective treatment? Why or why not? What would be your main concern(s) about group therapy?

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