Compare your actual intake as you recorded it to your estimation of your usual intake.

Assignment Sheet Part 2

Food Journal

1. Record your dietary intake for 5 days
a. Try not to change your eating habits, this should represent your usual food intake.
b. Carry the Dietary Intake Recording Form (below) with you during the days you will be recording your food intake. You may also use an online program or smartphone app as long as you can capture (print or photo) what you have recorded. You will be submitting documentation of your food journal.
c. Record all foods, beverages, and ingredients in mixed dishes, and the amount of each you consumed. Fully describe each food and drink item with as much detail as you can. (“batter fried chicken drumstick with skin” not just “chicken”). Don’t include supplements (unless they contribute more than a trace of calories) or spices (dried oregano, cinnamon, etc.).
d. Do not wait until the end of the day to record your intake. Your accuracy will vastly improve if you record before, during or immediately after each meal or snack.
e. To increase the accuracy of estimates of food portion sizes, refer to the Nutrition Facts panels on food labels and note the weight or measure of a standard amount of the food item. (For example, a slice of cheese may be labeled as weighing an ounce.) Serve yourself foods and beverages using a cup measure, or bowls, mugs, and glasses of known volume. Estimate diameters of round foods, such as pancakes, tortillas, and bagels using a piece of 8 ½” x 11” notebook or printer paper.

2. Review your dietary intake record for completeness.

3. Complete the Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Results form below.

4. Prepare to hand in your assignment either electronically or in paper, all students will turn in five days of food records and answers to the evaluation questions below.

Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Results
Are you following any particular diet? (weight loss, low carbohydrate, vegan, etc.). If so, what is motivating you to follow it?

Using the USDA website (, list the daily recommended intake of the five food groups (fruit, vegetable, grains, protein foods, dairy) for a person of your gender and age. Charts can be found at HYPERLINK “”

Choose two days from your week to evaluate. List the foods you ate from each food group and calculate the number of servings you ate from each group. Serving size examples can be found on the same web page as the daily recommendation charts.

For day one, you will evaluate your intake of grains and vegetables:
Grains. List your intake of:
Whole grains
Refined grains: pasta, white rice, white bread, etc.
Vegetables. List your intake of:
Dark green leafy vegetables
Orange vegetables
Starchy vegetables
For day two you will evaluate your intake of fruits, dairy, and protein foods.
Fruits. List your intake of:
Whole fruits
Juices, smoothies
Dried fruit
Dairy. List your intake of:
Ice cream
Dairy alternatives (i.e. soy milk)
Protein foods. List your intake of:
Red meat (beef, pork, lamb)
Chicken, turkey, other fowl
Nuts and seeds
Dry beans, peas and meat alternatives (i.e. tofu).
List the foods you ate for the two days you are evaluating that are high in:
Added sugar

Based on your food journal, list three ways in which your diet is healthy.

List three ways in which your diet is unhealthy.
For every unhealthy item listed, include one way that you could improve your diet. These should be specific changes you can make. Some examples: omit a food from your usual intake, substitute a healthier food, add a specific food to a meal/snack, decrease or increase the quantity of a food.

Using the Nutrition Roadmap part 1 assignment, compare your actual intake as you recorded it to your estimation of your usual intake.

What surprised you about your actual intake?
Do you think recording your intake changed how you ate?

Give your diet an overall grade (A through F) and briefly explain why.
Dietary Intake Recording Form – Day _____
Meal/ Time Description Quantity

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