Carrying capacity.

The term carrying capacity is fundamental to the concept of maintaining
sustainable communities. However, it has been applied in many different ways in
many different contexts. For
this assignment, you must locate an article from a
reputable journal
(not an abstract or a discussion from the internet) that uses the
term carrying capacity.
Your article
come from a journal found
through the
CSU, Chico Library Research Station
Read the Article
While reading the article pay close attention to how the term carrying capacity is
used. If your article does not discuss the term,
find a different article
. However,
there are no restrictions on how it is used in the article
or what the article is
about (parks, elevators, or whatever).
Write and post your explanation of the meaning
Post the following in the
Assignments link
, “Carrying Capacity”
1. Author, title, name of journal, date, and page numbers of article (so that I can
find the article).
If you ca
nnot identify these things, find a different article!
2. In 200
300 words, write a brief explanation of the term carrying capacity as it is
used in the article. The more description and details that you provide, the easier it
will be for others to comment
on your explanatio

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