Briefly review major highlights of the paper discussed.

Select a topic of interest. 2. Look up 5 peer-reviewed journal articles from the  scholar library to support the topic of interest. 3. At this point you are only expected to analyze the papers briefly, you will be required to provide an in-depth analysis of each article in the final term paper. 4. This paper should be no longer than 1.5 pages. Due Date: November 2, 2015
PH 601 Public Health Systems and Practice Paper Instructions Identify an area within public health that peaks your interest (e.g., maternal and child health, communicable diseases, public policy etc.) and write a five-page paper, not including a title page or Reference page. • Reference 5 peer reviewed articles from the library scholar
. • Cover page, Abstract, Introduction, body of the paper of no less than five (5) full pages, Recommendation, Conclusion, and References. • Papers must be carefully reviewed to avoid plagiarism issues; all paper should be posted via turn-it-in.
• Abstract: Should briefly review major highlights of the paper discussed withinintroduction, body, recommendation and conclusion sections. Word limit for abstract is150 words.
• Introduction: should include the significance of the issue explored within the paper. The introduction should be brief, interesting and motivate audience to read the paper further.
• Body of the paper: o Include a brief history of the issue of interest. o It is important to conduct an in-depth analysis of the topic. o Five peer-reviewed articles should be cited to support the topic analysis.
• Recommendation: this is your opportunity to make recommendations based on your research.
• Conclusion: the concluding paragraph should briefly summarize the major highlights of the issue explored. Due Date: November 29, 5 pm.
Writing Assessment Rubric Student Name: Effective (10-8 points) Adequate (7-4 points) Inadequate (3-1points) Score Analysis of the issue Demonstrates above average analysis of the issue. Demonstrates average analysis of the issue. Demonstrate below average analysis of the issue. Paper format (Abstract, Intro, body, recommendation, conclusion) Follows recommended paper format: Abstract, introduction, body, recommendation and conclusion. Doe not include 1-2 sections. Fails to follow the format instructions. Peer-reviewed articles cited Cites 5 peer-reviewed articles. Cites at least 3-4 peer-reviewed articles. Cites 1-2 peerreviewed articles. Analysis of peerreviewed articles Above average critique of all 5 peer-reviewed articles Average critique of all 5 peer-reviewed articles. Below average critique of all 5 peerreviewed articles. Correctness Adheres to standard rules of grammar usage, mechanics, punctuation and spellings; may include no more than two minor errors. Generally adheres to standard rules but includes three or more errors. Contains significant errors that detract from understanding or compromise writer’s credibility. Support/Exhibits (APA Citation) Include thorough documentation as necessary; supports all claims within either text or appendix; properly labels/identifies outside material. Correctly uses APA citation style. Generally supports claims with properly cited material; may omit occasional supporting documentation or material. 1-2 errors in APA citation style. May fail to include required supporting materials or documentation; may include irrelevant addenda. Did not follow APA citation style. Presentation/ Document Design Includes proper formatting of margins, spacing, indentation etc.; typeface and use of emphasis are appropriate to task Mostly includes proper formatting and limits errors or inconsistencies Distracts readers with errors or inconsistencies in formatting

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