Art history.

Discuss Manet’s relationship with historical painting. What examples did he follow, and in what ways did he radically break from those examples?


  1. Using Mont Saint-Victoire as an example, explain how Paul Cézanne changes Impressionism and sets the stage for twentieth-century art.


  1. Compare and contrast the goals of two art movements of the 20th Century. Focus your analysis on how they rebel against. Use examples of artists and their artworks to illustrate your points.


  1. Describe the development and influence of cubism on twentieth century art. Include a comment regarding the working relationship of Picasso and Braque.



Final Project – Submission


The Final Project is due this week with your Module 8 Homework Assignment.  Please upload a second document entitled “Final Project” with your Module 8 Homework Assignment.


Choose one of the following artworks or artists for your Final Report.  Your report must completely answer the four questions posed to guide your research.  Write in complete sentences and utilize APA guidelines.  You will need to use the LIRN library and the Internet to find enough information and, therefore, you will need to cite your sources on a final page labeled “References.”


  1. Describe the work or artist (100 words or more).

–       state the correct name

–       state the artist(s) if known

–       give the actual dimensions of the work (feet and inches)

–       note the principle features of the work


  1. Compare (50 words or more).

–       explain how this artwork (or artist) is similar to others of the same time

–       is it part of a trend?


  1. Contrast (50 words or more).

–       explain how this artwork (or artist) is different from all others of the same time

–       is it/he part of a revolution


  1. Evaluate (100 words or more).

–       explain why this artwork (or artist) is significant or important to his or her age

–       why did he become popular during his time

–       what did he contribute to the future of art


  1. References

–       list your sources of information so that the instructor can locate them later and check your work



  • Artists


o       Paul Gaugin

o       Mary Cassatt

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